I am a writer by passion but currently a student by vocation. I am an advocate for mental health awareness and write about mental health for The Mighty and on my own blog. But I also just like learning from life and people and processing what I feel and learn through the written word, whether prose or song lyrics. I’m an INFP if you’re into Myers Briggs (which I am…big time.)

I am a student of history and I love visiting historic sites and learning random facts about the past. I also love to laugh, make jokes, do impressions, and spin all sorts of ridiculous tales with my friends, but I usually don’t show that side of myself unless I know someone well. But I’d like the world to know that that side of myself does exist.

Overall, my soul has simultaneously the maturity of an eight year-old (my room is decorated in fairies and my favorite books are located in the children’s section of the library; I think they’re better than the grownup ones) and the interests and lifestyle of a sixty year-old (I watch Dancing With the Stars, scrapbook, subscribe to Colonial Williamsburg’s magazine, and spend Fridays alone at home drinking tea while wearing a mumu.)

I’m not sure if this is a great summation of my life, but I have homework to do, so I’ll just leave you with these other tidbits about my Interwebs presence:

I hope you enjoy my musings and leave your own thoughts in the comments! (Well, as long as they’re ones that won’t make me cry.)