I am an aspiring museum professional who has always been a writer at heart. Here you’ll find my musings as I process through life accompanied by my photographs from working at and visiting different historic sites. I think it’s important to be honest and vulnerable with each other so nobody feels alone in the things they go through in life.

I also believe in the beauty of every day life — the small revelations we have as we walk to our car in the morning, the doorknobs we grab as we rush out the door. We often overlook those things because we get so used to them, but they shape our everyday experience. Here, I try to share my own daily revelations and snapshots of my visual world and emotional state. Writing helps me process my own life and make sense of situations, but I hope as I’m open about what I go through, it can help others as well.

Enjoy my posts and photographs and feel free to check out the things I’ve written elsewhere:


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